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Learn about the history and heritage. Explore mountains and the rugged coastline. Visit ancient ruins and castles.

All as you compete in one of our Virtual Challenges. 


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Ymweld â Chymru

Which translates as "Visit Wales", and this is your chance...

Whether completing the Daffodil 10k, The JCP Swansea Half Marathon, The Red Dragon Half Marathon, St. David's Marathon or the Tour of Wales 200 Mile Challenge, we will take you on your own Welsh adventure through a series of interactive virtual routes. 

Walk or Run.

Do in one day or across multiple days. It's up to you.

Once completed, you will be sent a stunning, custom designed finisher medal.

You'll also get a Finisher Pack, which includes a downloadable race number, certificate and selfie frame.


The Events

Each medal features a unique design, from the striking Daffodil and fiery Dragon, to a stained glass window. Plus, enter more than one for some great SAVINGS!

Daffodil 10k

  • Event Entry $21.00

The Red Dragon Half Marathon

  • Event Entry $21.00

St. David's Marathon

  • Event Entry $21.00

Front Runner Events

Brought to you by our Official Event Partner - Front Runner Events, the Event Organiser behind some of Wales' biggest physical events (Great Welsh, Swansea Half & Llanelli Half). NEW for 2022 is the opportunity to run the Cardiff 2k, 10k and JCP Swansea Half Marathon virtually if you cannot join the in-person event.

Cardiff 2k

  • Event Entry £15.00
Includes UK P&P

JCP Swansea Half Marathon

  • Event Entry £15.00
Includes UK P&P

Cardiff 10k

  • Event Entry £15.00
Includes UK P&P

The Challenge

Take on Wales and earn this stunning T-Shirt and Medal!

Tour of Wales 200 Mile Challenge

Want to see even more of Wales?

Then take on the Tour of Wales 200 Mile Challenge.

This adventure will take you through the length and breadth of Wales, showcasing everything this stunning country has to offer. 

To reward you for conquering, you will receive a Limited Edition Tour of Wales T-Shirt to match the extra special finisher medal. 

  • Event Entry $39.00

The Routes

For each event you will have the option of selecting from a number of differing routes so that you can explore Wales. 

On the Daffodil 10k you can explore Llanelli, Tenby or New Quay. For The Red Dragon Half Marathon we'll take you through Swansea, Wrexham or Aberystwyth and for St. David's Marathon you can visit Cardiff, Snowdonia or Anglesey. 

When completing in the Tour of Wales 200 Mile Challenge, we will take you on complete adventure covering all of the main highlights from North to South, taking in all of the fantastic landmarks.  

As you upload your evidence you’ll be presented with fascinating content on the town, city or region that you’ve selected. There is also a totaliser that will give you an update on you progress.

These routes will really bring your virtual journey to life!

Routes ipad

What's Included

All included FREE as part of your entry.

Music, Training and Much More...

When you choose one our virtual events you are not on your own! We are with you every step of the way. We offer you training support and plenty of unique motivational tools to make your virtual experience one that you won’t forget, including; 
- Training Plans for each distance
- Training articles that adjust to your specific requirements!
- Access to expert coaches – just message us with your question
- A Spotify soundtrack to bring you closer to Wales
- Extensive destination content in our Festival section
We look forward to welcoming you to the realbuzz Adventures Family!


Official Event Partner

We are proud to work alongside Front Runner Events, the Event Organiser behind some of Wales' biggest physical events (Great Welsh, Swansea Half & Llanelli Half) on this latest edition of realbuzz Adventures. They have helped provide some localised content and knowledge, whilst also providing their official courses as route options.